About ERIN

Hey good lookin’!

Thanks for taking a trip down Delaney Lane. My name is Erin, more affectionately known as Erin Delaney by the two humans who named me. I’m a 24-year-old writer, creator and obsessive peanut butter eater living in Iowa. (Yes! People actually live in this state! And yes, we do love our corn.)

I’ve spent a lot of my life living in other states as well. I was born in Georgia, attended grade and high school in Iowa, graduated with a Journalism degree from Auburn University in Alabama(War Eagle!) and now reside in the beautiful city of Des Moines with my fiance and our rescue pup.

After graduation, I began a career in the residential construction industry as a New Home Specialist and Realtor, helping clients select lots, floor plans and custom design features for their new homes while also running their social media and marketing. I then accepted a job as a kitchen and bath specialist, designing luxury rooms for clients. Now, I do email marketing for Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living and Real Simple.

As a kid, I was always rearranging my room and drawing up designs for different spaces. This innate love of decor, architecture and creativity has never really wavered. Through this blog, I’m excited to combine my passion for interiors with my love of writing!

When I’m not busy dreaming up a room redo, a new DIY project or scrolling through Pinterest, I like to online shop for things I’ll never buy, binge watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix (while imitating the accents of course), cook fancy dinners for my man and Zillow my way through far off cities. 

If you like to grocery shop for fun, dance like an uncoordinated idiot at weddings, grab margaritas on weeknights, eat ridiculous amounts of cheese and firmly believe the early 2000s was the best era of music, stay awhile. I think we’ll get along just fine. 

Welcome to Delaney Lane!

- Erin