11 Affordable Bar Carts Under $100

This year, I had 24 candles to blow out on the hideous birthday cake I made myself.


Every year I celebrate my birthday with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Every. Single. Year. Mainly because no one else in my family likes chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which means more cake for me. (And I get to live out my fatty fantasy of being that kid on Matilda who got “punished” with that giant, fudge-y, delicious looking cake.)


This year, inspired by the 4th double stuffed oreo I was stealing from my little brother’s plate, I decided to make an Oreo Cake.

I truly did have high hopes of it turning out a little more like the photo on the left, but clearly, that wasn’t the case.

My masterpiece was left too close to the cooktop where my mom was making dinner, which caused the marshmallow center to melt a little and expand, which pulled the whole cake apart. Might not have looked but, but it sure tasted good. So good that for once my family ate the WHOLE THING and I was left with none for breakfast. Sad.


You know you’re an adult when you start asking for furniture for your birthday. I’ve been eyeing a bar cart to brighten up my apartment, and what better way to buy something you want than with someone else’s money?

My parents were giving me $100 towards my birthday present and I didn’t want to spend a dime of my own money over that. (I’m cheap, I know). So when I kept coming across blog posts that listed “Affordable Bar Carts” starting at $300, I was more than a little annoyed.

News flash people, if I’m using the keyword “affordable” in my google search, I don’t have that kind of money.

I did A LOT of online shopping to make sure I had explored all my options and ended up with some really great carts, ultimately choosing this mid century modern bad boy.


You guys loved the post I did on affordable winter wedding guest dresses, so I’ll be doing more of these shopping list style posts in the future!

A bar cart is the perfect addition to any home or apartment because it can be decorated so cute for each holiday and season. Plus, having a pretty space to elegantly display your bottles of cheap liquor can help make you feel just a little more put together (and probably clear up some much needed counter space).

So, grab a glass of that half empty $5 bottle of wine you have in the kitchen and lets get shopping!

1. Linon Mid Century Modern Bar Cart - Walmart.com ($92.50)


2. Coaster Serving Cart - Walmart.com ($85.71)


5. SUNNERSTA Utility Cart - IKEA ($29.99)

This would be a fun one to spray paint and customize!

This would be a fun one to spray paint and customize!

6. Helix Bar Cart - Wayfair.com ($63.99)


7. South Shore Metal Bar Cart - Amazon.com ($80.00)


10. Rattan Bar Cart - TJ Maxx ($79.99)


11. Willa Arlo Interiors Kiven Bar Cart - Wayfair.com (ON SALE $98.99)


Cheers to making your cheap liquor look top shelf chic!

Stay tuned, I’ll be doing a how-to post on arranging and decorating your new cart! Did you have a favorite? Did you purchase one from my list? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Erin Gallagher