5 Affordable Decor Sites You Haven't Shopped Yet


If you shop for everything by selecting, "Price: Low to High", this one is for you.

When we think of home decor or furniture retailers, industry giants like Target, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Wayfair are all major front runners. If you think these sites are the only places to find decently affordable home decor, think again. 

Also, if you're starting to believe that $60 is a decent price for an accent pillow, I've reached you just in time. Here are 5 sites that will give you Fixer Upper style on a Trading Spaces budget. 

You can thank me later. 

1. H&M Home

H&M clothing is known for their affordable yet stylish clothing options, but did you know they have a home line as well? Yeah, me either. Their stuff is SO cute, so cheap and honestly, good quality. As an added bonus, they usually have some sort of sale going on. I ordered my pillows, laundry hamper and a few decor pieces from here and would recommend them to anyone. 

Products in my imaginary cart (click to shop):

2. Walmart.com

Up until about 2 months ago, I would have never referred to myself as a Wal-mart shopper. Most of my personal Wal-mart experiences include getting someone's weave stuck to the bottom of my shoe in the parking lot, getting a cart shoved at me by an old man and wait lines that take approximately 5 hours. Don't even get me started on the screaming, physically aggressive mothers. HOWEVER, I discovered the amazing new Walmart.com and man did it change my perspective. If you read my post on Ryan's Room Re-Do, you know that I snagged a lot of great deals on their website.

In an effort to compete with Amazon, they're offering a TON of products and brands they don't actually carry in store. And topping it off with free two-day shipping. 

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3. Facebook Marketplace

If you love the hunt, this is for you! I personally could spend hours perusing through the listings for random furniture and decor items. It's actually kind of entertaining sometimes to see the weird things some people inherit, and it's also a cheap thrill to come across the PERFECT piece at the BEST price. Plus, its way less sketchy than Craigslist. But, as always, be smart, don't give away personal info and always bring a buddy with you when you pick items up. Here are two pieces I scored for my bedroom for $5 EACH! Obviously have some signs of wear but I mean seriously!?


4. Nordstrom Rack Home

Nordstrom Rack has always been known as a great place to find designer clothing at heavily discounted prices, although some of the prices still have me shaking my head. For example, who in their right mind would pay $825 to make their feet look like some nasty camel toes? (See below)


While I'm not so sure who decided to let these shoes be put into the mix, their Home section is pretty on point with a huge range of budget friendly options. 

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5. World Market

I had never heard of World Market until I moved to Alabama and the second I walked through it's doors I thought, "Well shit, this is gonna be expensive". To my very pleasant surprise, it had TONS of amazing deals and high quality items to choose from. I would say they are pretty similar to a Home Goods, except they actually have an online site to shop. Plus, they always have discount codes or great sales going on. While they do sell some pricier items, you can definitely find some awesome deals while staying within budget - but you might need to practice some self control. 

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There you have it, readers! Do you have a site you couldn't live without? Share it in the comments below! And remember, nobody likes that girl who won't tell anyone where she shops ;) 

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