DIY This Gorgeous Wood Slice Wall Art For Less Than $10


Back in junior high, my friends and I almost joined shop as a joke. To us it was “a guy thing” to learn about woodworking and building and how to use machinery.

Boy is 24-year-old me regretting ever letting myself, or my friends, think that way. (But we also thought Picnik-ing the crap out of our photos was cool so clearly we didn’t have the best opinions.)


“NEVER let ~ a n y o n e ~ treat U like a YeLlOW Starburst… You are a P!NK StArBuRst!!!”

Not only do I regret thinking that way because it was incredibly sexist and dumb, I regret it because working with wood and tools are skills I’m now having to teach myself, 10 years later.


While I’m no where near being a natural just yet (even if I can make one heck of a blanket ladder), I am LOVING all the wood work that is making its way back into the home decor and art scene. I follow quite a few talented woodworkers on the ‘Gram, and these people make the most complex and beautiful designs look easy (even though they definitely are not).

Image via the badass  @KathrynKorffDesigns

Image via the badass @KathrynKorffDesigns

Image via my incredibly talented high school classmate  @Levis_Woodworking

Image via my incredibly talented high school classmate @Levis_Woodworking

Image via  @ellewoodsco

Image via @ellewoodsco

While I’ll leave the more intricate designs to the professionals, I was inspired by images I saw of wood disc art across social media.

I keep my decor color palette pretty neutral, and I’m really trying to add in more natural textures and objects to give things a more homey, earthy feel. So when I came across a pack of wooden discs at Hobby Lobby, my wheels immediately started spinning. I liked the square, framed look like the Instagram photos I shared above, but needed a frame that had a backing I could mount the discs onto.

Then, I came to the simplest solution: a bulletin board. duh. And so, I created a foolproof DIY wood project that thankfully requires zero experience in woodworking or hours in a shop class.


I went with an 11” x 17” board since I wasn’t sure how much weight a larger one would be able to hold with the amount of wood pieces it would need. Anything much larger than a 17” x 23” might make the backing pop out faster than Janet Jackson’s right boob in ‘04.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 11” x 17” Bulletin Board (or larger, if you bad) - $3.59 with my 40% off Coupon

  2. White Acrylic Paint - I used the shade “White Wash” - $1.19

  3. Black Acrylic Paint - I used the shade “Ebony Black” - $1.19

  4. Pack of Wood Bark Discs - $3.99

  5. Hot Glue Gun

  6. Paint Brush

  7. Painters tape (Optional)

Let’s Get to WERK:

  1. Paint the cork part of your bulletin board white. I ended up doing 3 coats. (Psst! If you want more ways to customize this project, scroll down to “Bonus Tips” below before you start painting!)


2. Paint the frame black. I have a pretty steady hand, so I didn’t use any painters tape, but if that makes you nervous, don’t be afraid to bust the tape out.

3. Once dry, lay wood pieces on the white of your board. Start by spreading the larger pieces out, then filling in between and around them with smaller pieces.


4. Once you have an arrangement that you like, it’s time to make all the discs touch. Start in the middle and work your way to the edges by pulling the adjacent pieces inward towards the center pieces.


5. Feel free to continue switching pieces around until you end up with a formation that you like. Starting with the bottom left piece, work your way upwards, left to right, gluing down the discs.

That was easy.

Bonus Tips:

  • You could use whatever combination of paint colors you like, it doesn’t have to be black and white! I also thought painting it the inverse - black background with a white frame would be cool. I still might do that to another one and display them side by side.

  • If you want more of a glammed up look, try painting the edges of the wood discs gold, silver or copper (or use all three!)

  • If you don’t have a hot glue gun, there are other super and wood glues available that should do the trick too :)


Did you make this? Share a photo to your Insta story and tag me so I can see :) @DelaneyLaneLiving

Erin Gallagher