March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

Happy March, friends! This month is special to me for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s Ryan’s birthday month (and he hates his own birthday, so naturally I draw it out alllll month long)

  2. As an Irish Catholic, Saint Patrick’s day is basically our drunk Christmas

  3. Spring is (finally) coming!

Now, I’m adding a 4th reason to be excited for the next few weeks. Today kicks off the first ever #DLThriftChallenge. If you caught my Instagram story this week, you saw me tease about an upcoming project I’ve been working on to help some of you who want to get into thrifting, but might not know how.

I get it, thrifting can be crazy intimidating. You don’t know which stores to go to, what to look for or where to even begin once you’re there. I’m relatively new to the whole thrifting game, but y’all I am obsessed. As in, goes-4-times-in-one-week obsessed. I’m not sure when my life went from drunkenly watching the sun come up on Sunday mornings to closing down Goodwill at 8pm on a Saturday, but I’m honestly not complaining.

Maybe it’s the thrill of finding a good deal or just the hunt in general, but I’m like a moth to a flame. A dog to a bone. Tristan Thompson to women that aren’t his girlfriend. You get the idea.

Thrifted Kitchen Decor Ideas

One space in my janky little apartment that I’ve really been trying to spruce up with thrifted finds is our kitchen. It’s your standard apartment with basic brown cabinets, no hardware, ugly linoleum flooring and cheap laminate countertops. Unfortunately, I can’t do too much to change the bones of the space, but I can do my best to make it feel a little more like home - without breaking the bank.

My first big thrift haul included $12 worth of wooden kitchen items like cutting boards, a rolling pin and two things I don’t really even know the purpose of. With them, I created one of those cute little wooden displays I’ve been seeing all over the ‘gram.

This first Goodwill haul taught me that thrifting can be a lot less overwhelming when you go in with a clear purpose for what you’re looking for. I knew I wanted wooden kitchen items and bam! About half an hour later I was in the checkout line with an armful of unique pieces.

Since then, whenever I suggest thrifting to friends and family I usually get the same response of “Oh thats cool, but I don’t think I could ever do it” or “I don’t have the patience for that” or “Thrift stores are way too overwhelming”.

And so, the inspiration for the #DLThriftChallenge was born.

March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

Each month, I’ll be sharing a new item or items to hunt for while also giving you suggestions on how to style them.

To celebrate the beginning of the new season, I decided March’s challenge will be a Springy wall basket gallery display. This whole project cost me about $7. That’s less than a burrito bowl, people. (Anyone else use Chipotle burrito bowls as a measure of currency or is that just me?)

March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

This project is perfect for a first time thrifter, mainly because there’s no shortage of baskets at your local thrift store. Find a few that you like of varrying sizes, colors, weave patterns, etc. Don’t be afraid to lay them out on the floor if space allows.

I stuck with all circular baskets, but you can do different shapes if that speaks to you more.

March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

When I got home, I laid out my baskets on the floor again and organized them in a way that I liked. I chose to have my baskets all touch each other, but you can also space them out to create a different look.

I snapped a quick picture to keep as reference, and set to work. Depending on the basket’s shape, there are a few different ways you can hang them.

  1. You can nail them to the wall, if you don’t have a deposit to worry about

  2. Use clear push pins. Some of my baskets could use the push pin as a hook, while others I just stuck right through.

  3. Command Strips would probably work too, if you made sure the back of the basket was cleaned first.

To hang them, I started with the biggest one first; the light colored one toward the bottom left. Once it was hung in a spot I liked, I referenced my photo and secured the remaining baskets around it.

About 5 minutes later, I had a brand new gallery display in our little kitchen. I love the natural textures that the baskets bring and the fact that they can work with just about any paint color is a nice perk.

Don’t feel limited to just the kitchen for this project - get creative with a display above your living room couch, in your bathroom, anywhere!

March Thrift Challenge: Spring Wall Basket Decor

So how will the monthly thrift challenges work, exactly? I’m hoping these projects will inspire you guys to get out there and THRIFT! Head to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Stuff Etc, Habitat for Humanity Restore, garage sales or wherever you please to find your items.

Once your project is complete, share a photo of it to your Instagram by either:

  1. Posting a photo to your story and tagging me, @delaneylaneliving (make sure you aren’t private or I won’t see it!) or

  2. Post a photo on your feed and tag me @delaneylaneliving and the hashtag #DLThriftChallenge. The hashtag will allow us to get inspired by seeing what others found and how they set up their goodies.

One of my favorite parts of having this blog is when people share with me that they’ve tried a product I’ve recommended, made a recipe I created or tried out one of my DIYs. It is SO cool to be a source of inspiration to other people and I hope the #DLThriftChallenge continues to achieve that.

Happy March, friends! From me and the birthday boy to you and yours.

I asked him to stand here so I could check the lighting for a photo and I got a whole show. Werk, bitch.

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