April Thrift Challenge: Spring Glassware and Floral Stem Decor

Natural, Minimal and Affordable Spring Decor

This past Saturday, I ran to the mall for what I thought would be an easy trip to grab a new outfit for a concert we were going to for Ry’s birthday. Walking into the technicolored world that is spring fashion, I quickly realized I was very out of my element. I was a Janis Ian type of girl living in a Gretchen Weiners world.


Despite it not even being a Wednesday, EVERYTHING was bright pink, floral and way too colorful for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate color, I just wear it in smaller, muted doses. (And am in black the other 85% of the time)

Five stores later and in a rush to get home and get ready - and with a strong conviction to NOT wear one of the same five outfits I wear every time we go out - I had what can only be describe as an intense moment of weakness, and left the mall with a $42 camo tee shirt.

I know, I hate myself too.

Thankfully, I saved a TON on my spring decor by thrifting, so it evens out, right?

Natural, Minimal and Affordable Spring Decor

When you think spring decor, you probably think little stone bunny figurines, plastic eggs, pastel ribbons and all the bright, happy colors I can pretty much garuntee you will hardly ever see on this blog.

Before you go thinking I’m some gloomy goth chick whose life is as sad and miserable as Sara McLaughlin in those ASPCA commercials, hear me out.


While I’m much more drawn to neutrals and natural textures than the highly pigmented and so called “girly” colors, I can still pull off a pretty spring decor display - on an “I just blew $42 on an invisible shirt and have no money left” budget. If you like living life on the ‘bright’ side, don’t worry, this thrifty decor challenge can be easily spruced up with colored flowers instead of simple greens.

Natural, Minimal and Affordable Spring Decor

If you caught my March Thrift Challenge post, you know that each month, I’ll be sharing a new item(s) to hunt for at your local thrift or consignment stores while also giving you suggestions on how to style them once you get home.

To celebrate Spring, your #DLThriftChallenge for April is to find unique glassware! Look for cool vases, pots, drinking glasses, or old perfume or liquor bottles. TIP: Purchase glasses of varrying heights and shapes! The contrast will help you better organize them.

Thrift Shopping Glassware Goodwill

Once you’ve found the perfect glasses, head to your local Hobby Lobby, JoAnns or other craft store and browse through their seasonal floral section. (PS: a lot of the Spring floral decor is half off right now!). I chose a magnolia leaf stem to pair with a couple white flowered ones to keep things neutral (shocking). But if you’re more of a colorful gal - go with whatever feels right! Once you have them home, I ended up cutting pieces off of the stem to achieve a more natural look. OR, if you want to go truly au natural, pick some fresh stems from the outside world and go for it girlfriend!

I arranged mine on a bamboo tray I snagged for just $3.88 at Goodwill and with a cute wooden bead garland I found on sale at JoAnns.

Here’s how to participate in the #DLThriftChallenge on Instagram:

Natural, Minimal and Affordable Spring Greenery Decor

Once your project is complete, share a photo of it to your Instagram by either:

  1. Posting a photo to your story and tagging me, @delaneylaneliving (make sure you aren’t private or I won’t see it!) or

  2. Post a photo on your feed and tag me @delaneylaneliving and the hashtag #DLThriftChallenge. The hashtag will allow us to get inspired by seeing what others found and how they set up their goodies.

Seeing you guys share that something I wrote inspired you to try a new recipe, makeup product or DIY project is the coolest thing ever - so I hope this challenge continues to create that kind of community here on Delaney Lane!

Let’s make it a great April, you regulation hotties!


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