IKEA Gladom Tray Table Hack

Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack

Slowly but surely, our little downtown apartment is coming together. We have the open concept kitchen and living room fairly well organized, but I’d be lying if I said our bedroom was on the same level.

Right now, it’s littered with laundry and features a very large, hand-me-down dog kennel that takes up most of the back left corner of the room. It may not be the dreamy escape I’ve been envisioning just yet, but it does have a pretty blue rug I scored on sale at Overstock, bedding I paid $7.99 for at Bed, Bath and Beyond and a gorgeous gold circle mirror I bought in Iowa City off Facebook Marketplace.

Until a couple weeks ago, Ryan and I were living without nightstands, which you really don’t appreciate until you don’t have somewhere to comfortably set your phone after you told your boyfriend goodnight 2 hours ago but couldn’t sleep so scrolled aimlessly through Pinterest instead.

Thankfully, we received our matching nightstands from Ikea and armed with a can of gold spray paint, I turned them into the metallic beauties I wanted them to be.

Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack

These removable tray-top style tables have been popping up all over my favorite décor sites, but not at prices that were in my budget. So, like all the cheap-ass DIY bloggers before me, I turned to my trusty Scandinavian sidekick - Ikea.

Project 62™ Pradet Tray Accent Table Black/White - $89.99


Anthropologie Ancona Tray Table - $198.00

Anthropologie Ancona Tray Table

Threshold™ Brass Tray Accent Table - $89.99

Brass Tray Accent Table - Threshold

Wayfair Gild Pop Up Tray Table - $81.99

Gild Pop Up Tray Table

The Gladom Table was exactly what I was looking for. At roughly 17.5” x 20.5”, it’s the perfect height and width for a great nightstand. (Could also be used as an accent table next to a sofa or as a cute plant stand!)

And on sale for just $19.99 each, they were quite the steal. The best part? Transforming them into more expensive looking pieces was almost as easy as clicking *add to cart*.

Ikea Gladom Tray Table
Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack


  • Ikea Gladom Tray Table (however many you would like – in whatever color you like)

  • Roll of painter’s tape

  • Can of spray paint (in color of your choice)

  • Outdoor area on a calm day


Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack
  1. Assemble your Ikea Gladom table(s) according to the directions (which were so easy they didn’t even have words on them)

  2. Wipe your tray table down with a damp washcloth and dry, ensuring there isn’t any dirt or dust on the surface

  3. Using your painter’s tape, wrap it around the outer rim of the tray, trying to line the tape as close to the top of the rim as you can. (See photo on the left)

  4. Shake your spray paint can vigourously, then hold about 10” from the surface and spray back and forth over the tray.

  5. Repeat this as many times as you would like until you are satisfied with the coverage, waiting a few minutes in between. (I did roughly 5 coats)

  6. Let dry for 24 hours before placing any objects on or in the tray.

Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack
Ikea Gladom Tray Table Hack

The options with customizing the Gladom are seriously almost endless. For example, you could also:

Hope you love this hack as much as I do - I see more Ikea in my future.

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