DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging

It’s hard to believe we’ve already spent 4 months in our apartment, calling Des Moines home. I love seeing it come together and getting to fill it with meaningful things, but I can’t quite figure out exactly how I want to decorate our walls (and its driving me up the wall - pun intended).

Finally, while browsing through wedding decoration ideas, I came across a pretty lace ribbon garland that I loved. The greenery wall hanging I made a few months back has blown up on my Pinterest page, like over 75k re-pins blown up (holy shit).

Since clearly you guys appreciate simple, straightforward yet beautiful DIYs, I decided to adapt the ribbon garland idea into a similar wall hanging project.

I grabbed the supplies in a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for less than $15 and spent less than 15 minutes at home putting it together.

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging

Pro Tip: Hobbly Lobby has awesome sales weekly, where certain categories of items are 50% off for the whole week. If you want to save a few extra $$’s, wait until all ribbon is half off!

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging


  • wooden dowel

  • at least 5 rolls of various lace and fabric ribbons - more if you want your hanging to be longer or fuller.

    • I chose to do all white, but you could do any color scheme you like! Could also be super cute to do school colors and hang in a dorm room or college apartment!

  • Jute rope or string

  • scissors

  • pushpin (this DIY is lightweight and renter friendly!)

How to:

  • I wanted my hanging to have a “V” shape, so I started by cutting my ribbon pieces to be shortest toward the ends of the dowel and longest in the middle, spacing them out over the dowel.

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging
  • Continue until the you have covered the entire length of the dowel. I kept the ribbons in a consistent order, but ended up mixing in random pieces when I still had some ribbon left over. You can either stay with a certain order or organize them at random!

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging
  • Tie the tops of the ribbon in a quick knot. Doesn’t have to be super tight! Cut a piece of the jute ribbon in any length you prefer. Wrap each and of the jute around the end of the dowel, finishing with a tight knot.

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging
  • Hang your new wall art wherever you like! This is a very lightweight hanging, so a pushpin will work just fine. (I’d recommend using a clear one!)

DIY Lace And Ribbon Wall Hanging

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