14 Affordable Winter Wedding Guest Dresses for 2018

Weddings in the summer are easy. A cute summer dress and some sandals or heels will do the trick. Winter weddings always seem to be a bit harder to plan for. You want to dress warm but still want to look cute. You want a color that won’t wash you out and preferably, you don’t want to have to lug a jacket around with you all night (or if you’re like me, probably leave it on the back of some random chair with your phone and wallet while you make a bee line for the open bar.)

Personally, I also prefer to wear something that won’t make the old ladies in church give me the stink eye. Unfortunately, it can be difficult sometimes to find a cute dress that doesn’t have a slit up to your hoohah or a V-neck that touches your belly button.

Thanks in part to a girlfriend’s wedding I have this December, I’ve rounded up a list of 14 stylish winter wedding guest dresses that are both wallet and church friendly. (Did I mention they’re all under $50!?)

And while these are all incredibly cute and cozy, I am a little disappointed that I can’t just wear the same cow suit that I wore to her bachelorette party…


On a moooore serious note, I really took some time to find great options I would want hanging in my own closet, so I hope you enjoy!

Cheers to love, cute clothes and money left over for post-wedding brunch (even if that just means a slice of Casey’s breakfast pizza and a large iced coffee in bed.)

1. Olivia Button Up Maxi Dress from DressUp - $44.99


2. The Lady in Red Wrap Velvet Dress from Five Girls Fashion - $45.00


3. Keen Navy Blue Ribbed Midi Dress from Lulus - $46.00


4. Most of Fall Maxi Dress from Red Dress Boutique - $48


5. Emma Tied Midi Dress from Nest Boutique - $46.00


6. Gaines Detail Midi Dress from Roolee - $44.00


7. Delicately Yours Bohemian Midi Dress from Entourage Clothing - $38.00


8. Andree Embroidered Dress from Nest Boutique - ON SALE! $29.00


9. Upton Dress from Called To Surf - $40.00


10. Selena Velvet Maxi Dress from DressUp - $44.99


11. Emelia Button Dress from Poppy Wells - $42.00


12. Eve Embroidery Dress from Citrus and Lemon - $37.99


13. Elsie Dress from Citrus and Lemon - $49.99


14. Noelle Midi Dress in Rust from Olive Ave. - $42.99


BONUS! After lots and lots of looking, the dress that really won me over: The Smile Sparkle Shine Velvet Champagne Dress from Five Girls Fashion! This pretty little number is on it’s way to me right now!


Happy Winter Wedding season, ladies!

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