10 Things You Should Know About Me If We're Gonna Be Friends


If you’re going to follow what I do around here, I guess it’s only fair that you know the real me. Not the put together, VSCO filtered version of my life that you’ll see on social media. You should get to know the Erin that’s always running late, goes through a bottle of dry shampoo in a week and can’t stop eating cheese no matter how hard she tries.

That’s the real me.

If you want to get to know me better, keep reading. If you don’t thats fine, it just seems a little rude.

1.    I have an extra vertebrae in my spine

I grew up with back pain as a norm, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school that a volleyball coach noticed one of my knees was visibly higher than the other. A trip to the doctor discovered I had SI Joint Disfunction in my hips. A very painful X-Ray session discovered it was caused by an extra vertebrae in my lower back. I’m a mutant, I know.

2.    I was an extra in Jason Aldean’s “Gonna Know We Were Here” music video

Shortly after I moved to Auburn, I convinced my roommate Peighton to drive an hour away to Macon, Georgia with me to be an extra in a music video Jason Aldean was shooting in his hometown. We hopped in her truck, had the experience of a life time and even made it into a few .15 second shots. (I’m the one in the red plaid probably singing way off key at 1:10 in).

3.    Freddie Prinze Jr. once tweeted at me

If you don’t know who he is, I’m not sure this friendship is going to work out anymore.

4.    I am one of 6 kids

Five girls, one boy. I land in the middle as the 4th child. That whole middle child syndrome thing is the real deal people. But I wouldn’t trade my crazy, awesome, weird, psychopathic fam for anything.

Just an intoxicated looking 5 year old me ruining the family photos.

Just an intoxicated looking 5 year old me ruining the family photos.

5.    My favorite color is black

And one time I wrote about it and it unexpectedly went viral. Like 370k+ shares on Facebook viral. Not gonna lie, it was pretty cool to see people I was friends with sharing the article without even knowing they knew the author.

6.    I have a phobia of chiropractors and bones breaking

Don’t even wanna think about it long enough to come up with an explanation.

7.    I transferred schools halfway through college

Started college at Iowa as a Hawkeye and graduated from Auburn as a Tiger. I transferred for multiple reasons, but my major and my desire to just get out and experience something new were the biggest factors. At the time, I had big dreams of becoming a sports reporter, and Auburn allowed me to work for an SEC Network and ESPN studio while I was still a student. Ultimately, I decided broadcast journalism wasn’t for me and decided to focus more on feature writing and PR. I can happily say I haven’t looked back since. The way I see it, I got to meet twice as many people, make twice as many friends and experience two very different college lifestyles.


8.    I’m dating my sister’s fiance’s cousin

Arguably the most Alabama thing I did after moving to Alabama. But trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds. And family holidays are way more fun.

9.    I have one and a half fake teeth

In a particularly intense game of Monkey Monkey on the playground after school one day, I slipped on an icy step and knocked my teeth on to the landing. The broke right in half and even left some impressive teeth marks in the metal.

Fast forward about 12 years and my fake tooth BREAKS OFF while I’m at the bar during my first night out EVER in Auburn. Safe to say I didn’t attend my first week of classes until I got that bad boy fixed by paying a dentist who shall go unnamed $140 under the counter to fix it.

10. I have a lip tattoo that won’t fade away

Because sometimes when you’re 20 years old on a spring break trip in South Padre it seems like a good idea to get a shamrock tattoo in your lip on St. Patrick’s Day. It also doesn’t seem like a bad. idea to get it from a very large man in a wife beater who also sells nunchucks and strap ons on the side.

I was told it would fade. It hasn’t. I also came down with a severe case of mono and tonsillitis not long after. My mother is convinced they’re connected, I refuse to admit that she’s probably right.

Bonus 11: My mom is always right.

My beautfil mother, Saint Beth.

My beautfil mother, Saint Beth.

Erin Gallagher