DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub with Just 3 Ingredients

Raise your hand if this winter has left your lips feeling dry, flaky or even cracked.


Yeah, mine too. Not only are my legs drier than the Sahara in August, but my lips are practically going through a tube of Carmex a day. Not a good look.

If your pout could use a little pampering, give this simple 3-ingredient DIY a try. I already had all the ingredients in my pantry, so chances are you will too!

DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub with Just 3 Ingredients


  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil

  • 1 tbsp Honey

  • 2 tbsp sugar (can be brown sugar, cane sugar or even stevia or a sugar substitute. Coffee grounds work as well!)


  • In a small dish, combine all ingredients

  • stir mixture until completely blended

  • All done!


  • Apply to lips and scrub in a circular motion

  • Leave on for a few minutes to let the coconut oil hydrate your lips

  • gently wipe away with a warm wash cloth

  • Moisturize with lip balm after removal

  • Cover dish and place in fridge for next use (use 1-2 times per week)


  • You could also add in a drop of your favorite food safe essential oils like lemon, lime, orange grapefruit or peppermint!

DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub with Just 3 Ingredients

So wait … why these three ingredients? Before anyone thinks I just decided to mix some sh*t together and call it a day, here’s the science behind why coconut oil, honey and sugar are the holy trinity of lip rejuvenation.


The sugar grains work to exfoliate your lips and scrub off any dead skin or whatever else you’ve got hanging out on your pucker.


Honey is well known for being a natural healer and has long been used for “wound repair”. While I hope your lips aren’t so cracked they could be considered “open wounds”, this stuff will help repair any damage you have going on.


Coconuts are wildly popular for their hydration properties. You see this in those fancy coconut waters Rihanna drinks and in the “ultra hydrating shampoos” on all the hair care shelves. Basically, coconuts have magical hydrating powers, which is exactly what our dehydrated kissers so desperately need.

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